About Margeaux

Happiest when solving problems, Margeaux thoroughly enjoys spending their time making (and breaking) things with code. Margeaux is an advocate for civic tech and community empowerment, open data, open government and equity in tech. Laser-focused on helping to demolish the barrier to entry into the world of software, Margeaux volunteers with Code Louisvlle as a mentor, because life is too short for tech to not be ethical, equitable and accessable to all. she/they | positive deviant | civic tech advocate | Alexa skills dev | iOS app dev (AR/ML and vanilla) | lover of all things web. Code is Art & Black Lives Matter.



For more information, have a look at my curriculum vitae .

  • Capella Space Presently Employed
    A11y Practice Founder & Platform Engineering Manager
    Python Accessibility Automation Ci/CD Jekyll Javascript axe CSS Animations HTML5 CSS3
  • CivicActions 2021-2022
    Senior A11y Engineer
    Python Accessibility Drupal Dkan Jekyll Javascript MapBox CSS Animations HTML5 CSS3 axe
  • Senior Software Engineer, Community Advocate
    Accessibility Python Django iOS Alexa Skills Jekyll Rails MapBox CSS Animations HTML5 CSS3
  • Atria 2016-2021
    A11y Practice Founder/Lead & Senior Software Engineer
    Accessibility Alexa Skills Python Javascript Swift iOS PHP HTML5 CSS3 Git Github Jenkins Docker
  • Software Engineer
    neo4j Angular Javascript HTML5 CSS3 Git Github Jenkins
  • elementAlly Sep 2010 - Present
    Senior A11y Engineer & Lead Software Engineer
    Accessibility Alexa Skills Python Swift iOS Ruby Rails Flask d3js Django PHP HTML5 Javascript CSS3 Git Github Jenkins Docker
  • GitHub Admin (D4D), Software Engineer, A11y Engineer



Contact details below (I prefer SMS) and be sure to checkout my open source work with the orgs I admin and maintain on Github Civic Data Alliance , Ohio Valley Creative Energy & Data for Democracy